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Sarah Class is an award winning composer writing scores for film and television, and producing innovative and emotive music of the highest quality.

In 2020 Sarah made PRS top 100 most influential female songwriters and composers in PRS’ Women Changing Music Top 100 Chart.

Sarah has worked with the very best players and artists in all areas of the music industry continuing to develop her strong sense of musical storytelling in everything she produces.

Sarah sees the powerful fusion between music and picture as an opportunity to really bring out the hidden layers in the narrative and this is where Sarah’s specially composed music comes into it’s own.  The importance of developing strong musical themes, giving identity and branding to any particular project is also key in today’s increasingly commercial and competitive market. 

“Emotional depth in music, is probably the most important element you can bring to a score” Sarah says. “whether it’s epic or intimate, intensely dark, ethereal or comedic, music must be have this. It can never be wallpaper.”

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latest news

6th October 2021

RESONATE is the new soundtrack to World Land Trust’s Nimla Ha’ Laguna Grande Guatemala campaign! Click HERE for more info, or to donate to World Land Trust.

1st October 2021

Sarah releases RESONATE the single. Buy or Listen HERE.

9th August 2021

Sarah records her new album RESONATE at Air Lyndhurst Studios, London with Orchestra for the Earth the London Recording Orchestra and Tenebrae Choir conducted by John Warner.

31st January 2021

Sarah is interviewed by Matthew Price on BBC Channel Islands and Anna Louise Walters BBC Walters BBC Radio Kent.

29th January 2021 

Sarah is interviewed on the Andrew Eborn Show – Stella TV. To watch, please click HERE.

21st January 2021

Pippa Quelch interviews Sarah on BBC Radio Devon. To listen, click HERE.

10th December

Sarah releases brand new video Natural High (Hymn for Life)

6th November 2020

Music News article: Sarah Class reveals the inspiration behind new album “Natural High”. Read here.

3rd November 2020

Marty Whelan of RTÉ’s Lyric FM interview’s Sarah about her new album Natural High. Listen below.

October 19th – 23rd 2020

“An absolutely gorgeous album!” Marty Whelan, RTÉ Lyric FM

Natural High features all this week on RTÉ’s Lyric FM Marty Whelan’s show Marty in the Morning! To catch up and listen please click HERE.

18th October 2020

Sarah talks to Penny Smith on Talk Radio

11th October 2020

Listen to Sarah’s new single, Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) featured on BBC Radio 2 Good Morning Sunday with Rev. Kate Bottley & Jason Mohammad


2nd October 2020

Sarah’s album Natural High becomes Soundtrack of the new World Land Trust Appeal.

“Sarah Class’s latest album Natural High, has become the inspiring soundtrack for WLT’s new “Saving Ecuador’s Chocó Forest” appeal, putting her music at the service of our campaign to protect the last 2% of one of the world’s most biodiverse forests.” Read more here:


September 23rd 2020

Sarah releases brand new classical crossover album Natural High. Working with Iceland’s Sinfonia Nord and artists all over the world including Eimear Quinn, Aliki Chrysochou, Leah Zeger, and Kristophe Luciani,  Natural High is a tribute to the beauty and spiritual vibration of Nature. 

To read Sarah’s Blog on Natural High, please click here.

September 9th 2020

Sarah releases a new arrangement of Hillsong United’s Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) the 2nd track in Natural High’s Body of Water Suite. To watch the video click HERE.

June 2020

Sarah records highly anticipated forthcoming album Natural High with Sinfonia Nord Iceland.

May 2020

Read the latest interview with The Shortlisted magazine. the best music decision I’ve made this month”  Editor of The Shortlisted 

Please click here for the full interview: Interview with Sarah Class – The Shortlisted

Click HERE to read and watch more press interviews with Sarah on GREEN MAN

April 7th 2020

Sarah makes PRS top 100 most influential female songwriters and composers in it’s PRS Women Changing Music Top 100 Chart.

Click HERE to read more.

March 20th 2020

Sarah’s new 4 track EP Green Man is available now!

Click on the image to listen on Spotify or buy on iTunes.


Green Man is the arrival of Spring – it’s about new beginnings and regeneration.

It is about the healing vibrations of nature and rebirth. Listen now with Sam Hughes on Scala Radio:


February 2020

Sarah and co-composer J.B. Arthur win Best Score in the New York Cinematography Awards.

January 2020 

Okavango River of Dreams Premiered at the Sundance Film Festival

October/November 2019

Okavango River of Dreams airs on Nature PBS, Paradise 23rd October, Episode 2 – Limbo 30th October, Episode 3 Inferno 6th November

April 2019

Recording orchestral sessions with The Johannesburg Film Orchestra, Johannesburg South Africa. Okavango River of Dreams

March ~ May 2019

Sarah scores latest project Okavango River of Dreams 3 Part Series from acclaimed filmmakers Derek and Beverly Joubert, with composer JB Arthur. 

June 2018 Release of new single Only Love is Real

 Buy on Amazon

March – June 2018

Sarah co-produces Eimear Quinn’s new album. Release Autumn 2018



Lion Kingdom Score is Released By Red Bull Media October 19th 2017:

Lion Kingdom by Sarah Class 
LION KINGDOM is not for the faint hearted, this is raw nature. Beautifully crafted editing, music and words combine to deliver a series that is guaranteed to evoke strong emotions. It delves into the lives of three prides of lions living in and around an oasis where there is always water, even in the hottest, driest times. Strange things happen here – unique interspecies relationships filmed for the first time.
The soundtrack is by Sarah Class who is a BRIT & EMMY nominated composer and singer/songwriter. She composed the music for BBC/Harvey Weinstein production of ’The Meerkats’, BBC Madagascar and the highly acclaimed BBC Africa, Warner Brother’s 2017 Jackson Hole Festival nominated Brother of the Wind, and she currently works on her new EP as singer/songwriter Only Love is Real.
Buy the score here on iTunes:  
Listen to the score here on Spotify:

August 4th, 11th, 18th Lion Kingdom Broadcast on National Geographic Wild 

Hear Sarah’s score to this epic edgy drama set in Tanzania.

July 23rd 2017 – Hear Sarah play LIVE ON BBC Radio 2 Good Morning Sunday with Jason Mohammad. See the interview and performance here

March – June 2017 Lion Kingdom ~Score for 3 Part series Terra Mater Factual Studios/ National Geographic.

I Will Fight





Jan 2017  Sarah to release new single I Will Fight from upcoming EP/album.

31/3/2016 Dartmoor Killing wins Best Thriller at the National Film Awards.

24/01/2016 Film Premiere Brothers of the Wind (Terra Mater/Warner Bros) is released in Vienna, Austria.

03/11/2015 Performance celebrating Sarah’s Debut Release Unity, at St James’ Studio Theatre, London. Doors 7pm for 8pm.

02/10/2015 Debut album release – Unity

17/10/2015 ‘Rhythm and Blues’ Concert Holy Trinity Church Guildford. Concert featuring Sarah’s arrangements for 40 piece Choir – the Occam Singers.

26/09/2015  Concert celebrating forthcoming release of new album – Unity with Sarah and band at Bristol Folk House with Emily Teague

08-14/09/2015  Bestival Isle of Wight

05/09/2015 Sarah performs songs from her new album at Dartmoor Killings open air screening Dartmoor with special preview screening of new video from September’s single release Northern Shore https://www.dartington.org/whats-on/dartmoor-killing/

17/04/2015 Thornbury Arts Festival Sarah talks with Bill Oddie about scoring for film and TV, and 2nd half of programme performance of Sarah’s new songs. 

27/1/2015 Sarah to score new Terra Mater feature, Brothers of the Wind

08/08/2014 Sarah to score much anticipated feature from director Peter Nicholson, Dartmoor Killings

23/7/2014 Sarah wins Best Score for Documentary at the Gold Spirit Awards Cordoba

17/7/2014 Africa is nominated for Best Music and Sound for the 35th News and Documentary Emmy Awards

26/02/2014 Africa is nominated for Best Score for Documentary in the Goldenspirit Awards 2014


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