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Natural High Release

Finally, I have released this album into the world! It started three years ago when I was inspired to write the lead track Green Man from this year’s EP of the same title. There are ideas within the album which go even further back, and I have always wanted to realise their potential into a full classical album of my own.

So it is here and I’m proud of the work which has gone in to this record. It is a joyful celebration of the magic, majesty and spirit of Nature. I would say all my childhood days spent in Nature are contained here, and through my life the euphoric dialogue of the natural world, which takes over every time I step into it is intrinsically infused into the music of Natural High.

There are many layers to the natural world. Those we perceive with human eyes to be beautiful or awe inspiring, or intrinsically feel we need to protect or even be fearful of, are perhaps only touching the surface of its extraordinary qualities. I believe Nature is also working behind the scenes affecting us on an entirely different plane.

Our relationship with Nature is powerfully symbiotic. Nature nourishes us and it has the ability to move and heal us, to energise and uplift us. It is a living organism with a heart-beat, a soul and molecular memory, just like human life. We need to forge a new and positive relationship with the Natural world that sustains us.
I worked with wonderful friends on this album including singers, Eimear Quinn and Aliki Chrysochou, multi-talented Stevie Blacke and guitarist Jerry Crozier Cole. Also the incredible Leah Zeger, Hans Zimmer’s concert violinist and amazing cellist Christophe Luciani. The orchestra was Sinfonia Nord in Iceland, and it was incredible how we managed to record remotely during the midst of lockdown earlier this year. 
So despite all odds, this album arrived. I’d planned to do this later in the year, but I’m so glad it is here now, and I do hope you will enjoy listening to it.  My intention for the album is that it be a balm to the spirit, and take you somewhere else. A reminder that we don’t need to be confined to the boundaries and darker moments of life we sometimes find ourselves in. We can be free. It is only a feeling, a thought away. Change your feelings and thoughts, and you change your life.
To listen or buy Natural High, please click here.



Green Man the EP is finally released!  So happy it’s now out into the world. It’s such a difficult time for us all at the moment, and I wondered about the timing of releasing a new record. The world is concerned with other things. I feel though, that we need music more than ever in our lives. It can be such a healing balm to the spirit. Green Man is about Spring, rebirth and new beginnings. It is about hope and also the “present” quality of nature and its authentic unapologetic truth. I wrote Green Man to try to express the healing qualities of Nature through my music. I really hope I’ve gone some way in achieving this.  

The video was created by a wonderful team of people with gorgeous specially shot footage from Scotland, the Lake District and Somerset.  It features some of my favourite wild flowers – bluebells!  Also beautiful time-lapse sequences from Timothy Hamish Shepherd (BBC Secret Life of Plants) To watch the video and see a full list of credits, please click HERE.

Thank you everyone who has joined me on this magical nature journey and supported the project. It is so much appreciated. Please feel free to join the new mailing list in the header above for more updates. I would love to hear from you. 

Please keep protected and safe. x


What’s New in 2020

It’s been a racing start to 2020. In the works are very diverse creative projects spanning across different genres and art forms. Currently working on a new music video with the inspirational Irish singer and composer Eimear Quinn. The song is called Hibernia and will be released this year. As well as being a great friend, Eimear and I have worked together on a few projects and have great musical synergy. Very excited to be working together again;-))

Okavango River of Dreams the 90 minute film version  just premiered at the Sundance Film Festival to great acclaim last Sunday, and was so moving, that many people had tears in their eyes! I wish I could have been there in person, but myself and the team back in South Africa, Austria UK, and US, were there in spirit all very excited at the reaction. 

I’m all set to release my new single, video and EP this spring (watch this space!) and also have some projects in the works to raise awareness of climate change (sadly, it still needs raising!) and the World Land Trust’s incredible work across the planet saving habitats and wildlife. 

In amongst these ambitious ventures, films, TV and a book project all stimulate the creative spirit. A studio overhaul is also due this month, so ‘not’ busy at all!;-)  But always time to fit in a soya latte! 

May 2020 be a successful happy and healthy new year for us all.



The Johannesburg Film Orchestra

Working with stunning musicians in Johannesburg right now! We’ve just spent 3 days recording the newly created ensemble – The Johannesburg Film Orchestra. Excellent instrumentalists and wonderful people, we recorded and hour and 40 minutes of outstanding strings and woodwind to create the musical backdrop to Dereck and Beverly Joubert’s latest epic project. More to come on this….! This was my first time in Africa and I expected sunny skies and good weather, but it was a bit wet and stormy this time with the rains coming late in the day.  I can’t wait to go back!

2018 Here’s to Love, Health, Prosperity and Happiness

Time seems to travel so fast, another year has passed. In all the craziness of this world and such a bizarre political climate, it seems to me we need to remain centred in the eye of the storm by remembering what really matters in life. Love, kindness, compassion and also nature. Nature is there waiting for us to uplift our very being and infuse our physical mental and emotional anguish with it’s all embracing spirit, pulling us back and asking us to listen to that small still voice of calm. Nature is in the moment, it never strives to be in the past or the future, it simply “is” and we are part of it. So let’s be at peace with all that is, not resisting the flow of life, loving this world with all it’s contradictions and being kind to ourselves and others. After all, it just hurts any other way:-)

May your year be blessed with good health, joy and the fulfilment of all your hopes and dreams.

New Music Video and Single

Hey everyone, I’ve just finished a new video for my forthcoming single, I Will Fight – release date 10th March, details to be announced very soon. This is part of a new album/EP to be released later this year. The video was made to promote the work of the World Land Trust and making it was an amazing experience! I got the chance to involve Sir David Attenborough in the making of the video which was a unique experience and will so help to raise awareness of the charity. To learn more about World Land Trust, please click here.

Lots of recording, filming and writing new material for me at the moment. Some new collaborations and creative projects all coming together nicely. More to come on this!

My aims for 2017 – to get back surfing after a long time away from the sea – I’ve missed it so. Also get more sunshine – and nature – too much time in a studio recently. Think we’re all feeling a bit too wintery at the moment;-)  Been writing more poetry which I used to do a lot, it’s really therapeutic. 

So glad it’s 2017 and all good wishes to everyone for a healthy and happy year! 


I Will Fight



Sir George Martin ~ A Musical Visionary

I was fortunate enough to meet and work with Sir George Martin. In fact I would say without any drama, he changed my life.

When Adam Sharp George’s Manager introduced me to George it really was a dream come true. Strangely a few months earlier I had made a wish that I would love to work with George but could never conceive that it would happen. I met George with Giles and Adam for tea and cake (will never forget the cake!) and it really struck me how fun George was. He asked me about my music, who I loved to listen to and laughed at all my jokes. I was taken under the wing of George Martin Music. I was so very happy.

I have lovely memories of moments in the studio at Air Lyndhurst. I spent a lot of time there in the early days of George Martin Music, recording my first big album for Warner Classics – Cantamus~Aurora with Adam and George’s backing and guidance. The album went on to be in the top 5 of the Classical charts for 3 months. I then arranged many of the tracks from Hayley Westenra’s debut album, Pure. I worked with Giles and George on this and also produced a couple of songs with Giles including my own song Across the Universe of Time. George with Giles wrote the beautifully arranged lyrical song, Beat of My Heart. It was great working with Giles who is fun to be with and also Hayley who gave her all to the album.

Sir George Martin was a great musical visionary, an articulate, kind man with huge integrity and a wicked sense of humour. He is greatly loved and will be so very missed.

I’m so happy to have known such a wonderful man.



Maverick Magazine album review

Maverick Magazine have just reviewed my new album, click on the image below to read:

Unity review

New Album and single Northern Shore Now Released!

I’ve very excited to announce that my new album is now released into the world. Also the single Northern Shore with it’s brand new video.

Here it is! Hope you enjoy. Swimming with dolphins as a mermaid was a dream come true;-)




New Horizons

Well, this year has already disappeared faster than I’d like;-) But so much has happened. I’ve spent many months getting my much anticipated (by myself and forbearing family and friends mainly!) album ready for release, and latest video for single release Northern Shore ready. It is finally finished and about to see the light of day. (phew – what a long haul). Hours of painstaking colour grading editing and producing spent getting things to a place where finally I am happy with the video. Hopefully it’ll cheer you up if you’re feeling a little like a lift – I know it does me every time I see what was a huge adventure and an experience of a lifetime! More of this later..

The album Unity is to be released on the 2nd October. Many of the tracks are produced by Jay Newland (8 times Grammy winner, Etta James,Norah Jones). It was a dream come true to work with Jay and after I returned from the studio in Connecticut I went on to record more songs in the UK as they kept coming and finally I felt ready to get the album finished! The title track Unity was produced by Jonas Wrestling at Matrix studios – it’s probably one of my favourite tracks and is about the interconnectedness of all things. The balance of the Universe and how each small detail of our beautiful world (and it still is) affects another.

I’m now very much looking forward to playing with a completely new band – wonderful musicians with some great gigs lined up for the autumn and some new material on the table. The concert in Guildford is with a 40 piece choir and I’m so excited to try out some new arrangements I’m currently working on. It’s going to be very different – a total mix of genres!

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