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Please Help Save the Orang-utans of Borneo!

Orang-UtanFirstly thank you so much for taking the time to read this. I’m writing to you because I really need your help in saving these beautiful creatures!

The World Land Trust are launching an appeal to raise £300,000 between 2nd – 16th October called Big Match Fund Fortnight. The ultimate goal is a million pounds, and anything donated for this appeal will be matched making it go twice as far. Your donation will help secure crucial parcels of land to connect forests in the Lower Kinabatangan region of Malaysian Borneo to create safe havens for Orang-utans, Pygmy elephants and other critically threatened wildlife.

The orang-utan population is dwindling. Hunting and poaching still takes place and their habitat is being systematically reduced and threatened by deforestation. In this particular area of Borneo, they are stranded on small islands of secondary forests which means that this will eventually weaken their numbers even further if they cannot connect with the rest of the orang-utan population. The aim of the World Land Trust working with specialist co-partners in the area, is to purchase the linking areas of land to protect these animals and ensure future generations of the species.  It’s vitally important that this is acted upon now.

I’ve recently been made an Ambassador to the World Land Trust and I’m working on different fund raising ventures for this appeal – a big concert and talk at the Halesworth Arts Festival in October and the auctioning of a painting by Jim Starr.

What You Can Do To Help

I’ve set up a Just Giving Page with the aim of initially raising £1000 but the sky is the limit here! If you are able to donate anything even if it’s 50p! I would be so very grateful. Just remember anything you donate will be matched so we can all make a spectacular difference! Please go to:


I will be doing as much as I can to generate more funds for this appeal and I’ll keep you posted as to the progress of all projects. I’m still donating a pound from every copy of my debut EP A New Dawn and am always looking for more ways to fund raise, so if you have any ideas or inspirations yourself – please feel free to contact me or the World Land Trust.


Talk at Burlington House with Dr Isabelle Lackman

Last week I went to an amazing talk for the World Land Trust on the orang-utans of Borneo. Isabelle has lived out there for 15 years doing research, working with the people of Borneo and helping to protect the ever decreasing population of orang-utans in that area. She has made a dramatic difference to their survival. The problem is, at present the orang-utan population is isolated in secondary forested areas surrounded by farmland, domestic housing and palm oil plantations and a dividing river. She is working with the World Land Trust on a campaign to purchase land in areas which link these forested areas together thus making it possible for the orang-utans to thrive in a united population. Without these corridors, the orang-utans will eventually die out.

In October the World Land Trust begins a campaign to raise £250,000 with the target being £1000000 to purchase the land necessary to ensure the survival of these beautiful animals. It is imperative that we act now to ensure their survival. Please join with me in October to help raise this money. Whatever you can afford would be so appreciated by the World Land Trust and Isabelle. I will be setting up a Just Giving page where it’s easy to donate and inviting people to the campaign. 




While it’s raining….

Hey there! Well, weather has turned a bit today and what better thing to do but stay in and get creative;) I’ve just finished writing a brand new song and will be recording it with producer/engineer Jonas Wrestling this week. Very much looking forward to how it may turn out – many things start in one form and end up with a completely new identity! Actually – this one could go any way – guess that’s what makes it so exciting;) I’ll keep you posted on progress.. This year has been a year of musical gestation and back in the studio concentrating on new and even old material. I’ve had some inspirational weekend breaks in stunning locations around Devon and Cornwall and the Isle of Wight, and have taken some great photographs on my new retro;) camera. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere’s a shot for you, actually this was taken in South Carolina on a mini tour around the States last year.. This lil critter looks like he’s been in a big ol fight or two;)

New Remixes

For the last two weeks I’ve been working with the amazing writer/producer Chris Winter. This monday we recorded some fabulous guitar textures with Hal at Chris’ studio. Armed with a day’s worth of healthy snacks (it gets unhealthy in the studio!!) we spent hours getting some superb tracks down for two re-mixes… to be announced very soon! 

I’ve also got two totally new songs on the go. This time I wrote the lyrics first.. very interesting as you get a whole new vibe this way. Usually, the lyrics and music come at the same time – sometimes a melody but usually together.. A New Dawn  actually started life as a poem, then the music wound itself around the lyrics… and hey a song was born! 

Sarah and Signe in Dartmoor

Just got back from a magical trip with writer Signe Pike www.signepike.com. With a new musical literary project on the go, we went in search of inspiration on Glastonbury Tor and up on the windswept plains of Dartmoor. On the way we met many lovely people – the talented artists and sculptors Brian and Wendy Froud and Elizabeth Jane Baldry stunning harpist, artist Marja Lee Kruijt, fantasy author Terri Windling. See them on BBC Countryfile iplayer from this Sunday. You’ll be enchanted!

New Surf Board!

I’ve just done this design in water colour for a new surf board to be shaped by Chops in St Agnes, Cornwall. The talented Ben Rogers has supplied the refined dragonfly logo as you see here. It’ll be slightly shorter than my mini mal at 7ft – a kind of short long board! Let’s hope the colours will come out as expected… to be continued…!

SurfboardDragonfly Wings


Ambassador to World Land Trust

World Land TrustI’ve been very honoured to be invited to be an Ambassador for the World Land Trust. For more information please go to the Planet Earth page.

BBC Africa Soundtrack Release

So finally the soundtrack is released. I was so excited to hear it on Classic FM for the first time on Howard Goodall’s show! They played the sad elephant sequence, Drought, a much happier track, and one of my favourite pieces, On the Beach and three others. If you’d like to hear more on the radio you can put in a request to: http://www.classicfm.com/radio/shows/jamie-crick/classic-fm-requests/  

Africa the Future

I worked with producer Kate Broome on this programme –  last of the Africa series. The highlight of this show was David and the baby Rhino at the end. The scene was so touching and this piece of music particularly had to have just the right balance to round off the series. This little scene was true TV gold!

Recording the BBC Concert Orchestra at Abbey Road Studios

It’s always been a dream of mine to record in the famous Studio 2 at Abbey Road Studios in London. There we were where the Beatles with Sir George Martin spent many hours of their lives siting in the sound booth recording the orchestra for two of the Africa programmes. My friend Liz Purnell conducted the orchestra and the maestro engineer Rupert Coulson recorded and mixed the shows. It’s always a bit nerve wracking wondering if we’ll be able to record all the material in the time frame given. But we did and it sounded amazing!

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