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surf and the other side…

Victoria..My family’s beautiful old boat, so many happy memories of summers past.. she was bought for a song, a wreck and my father put a new teak deck on her, some tan sails….. Gaff rigged, 45ft built in 1897 she was to feature in a film about Edward IV, sadly the tide was out so her film debut was cut short;)… I’ve never been that attached to “things” but this old boat lived and breathed…..she was part of our life….


Just about where that swan is, is where Victoria was moored.. in a nature reserve on the Isle of Wight. We’d wake to the sound of curlews and oyster catchers… Here tho, I’m about to be chased as I’m swimming up creek. It rather liked me;-(…. luckily my friend Ben lured it away with a packet of dry roasted peanuts until I could escape!


My parents in the late 60s. I love this shot!


Here’s me taking a lie down in between sets on tour with The HoneyRiders in Cannes. Bill our host is about to take a lethal swing whilst his trusty and obviously decadent companions do nothing to save me;) (you don’t think he’d really do it did you!?)


If it hadn’t been for Gracie I may not have written A New Dawn, I’d have not ended up in the Hollywood Hills in sunny California. My friend Erin asked me to look after her for a couple of months and it was here I decided to embark on an SLS performance course which changed my life…. Gracie was the sweetest dog who helped me through the darker days of a horrible virus until it finally disappeared weeks later..


One of the Most Beautiful Places….This place is always in my dreams…


Puds – I love bunnies… this one is particularly cute;)


Striding Out at Saunton …. This shot was before I got seriously iced-off (like being cheezed off only colder!)


Surfing Costa Rica…Now, this is more like it;-) Bikini and vest. No 5ml wet-suit to hold you back, only the odd pelican and turtle in this line up! (they got out of this shot!)


Costa and Guitar…The lovely Orly (pro photographer extraordinaire) took this shot in amongst the palms. I had the best time here and never wanted to return to rainy UK…. but I did… the plants needed watering… etc…;-)


The Grand Tetons…This is Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I came here to the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival and unexpectedly won an award for Best Score for The Meerkats. If I’d known I’d have dressed up a bit for the ceremony, in ragged T-shirt and jeans, I did a little mini Gwenyth Paltrow speech… (I said mini!!)


With Eric Hector in Sweden….Eric is a dear friend who I met through one of my best mates Linda Nyberg. They live in Stockholm and Eric is a music production wizard. I’ve spent many happy times in Sweden – the country of smoked salmon, dill and excellent Christmas garden centres;)


Sea Tree…Cilff Hanley did this painting for me – I tortured him with wanting a tree rising from the sea – wild waves and lush green foliage… but it ended up being slightly tamer on the aquatic side, in the end.. a calmer day for swimming.. I love it.


Where I Grew Up…Wootton Creek on the Isle of Wight. I have many happy memories of me and my family in old boats, some floating some sinking;) Fishing and sailing, leaving and arriving, out from this creek. Some say the Isle of Wight gets better weather than everywhere else – I believe it;)


My Angel-Winged Mini-Mal….This is the first surf board I ever had shaped. I designed the angel wings on both ends and leaf motif – came out a bit brighter than planned (!) but it’s a great little board.


Sarah and Kim….This is a pic of me with dark hair (well you have to experiment) with the talented singer and designer Kim Crain out in Los Angeles a few years ago. I spent a lot of time in this complex city and Kim and I would hang out, have dinner and sing together, even doing a couple of fun gigs. She made that desert and sometimes lonely city, warm and embracing


On the Wave….In Costa Rica just before I got mushed with an evil rogue wave and ended up a bit too close to some sneaky rocks. These things happen. Took a moment or so to recover from that one tho’;)


At Bestival….You don’t need to be a famous band to get on the main stage! I love this piano stuck in the middle of the field. Inspired!


Me and Eimear…This shot was taken by director Michael Whyte on location at Wilton House when they were filming Pride and Prejudice. I’d been helping out on set that day. Eimear Quinn is an amazing singer and composer based in Ireland and a wonderful friend. Today we were doing some photographs for our new musical collaboration. One of these songs Another Day is on her album Gatherings.


Sarah with Jay Newland…I’d just come over to New York to meet the acclaimed producer Jay Newland, armed with a bunch of songs and a travel guitar. This shot was taken in Connecticut where I went on to record my current album with Jay at Carriage House Studios. It was one of the best experiences of my life. Jay has won 8 Grammy’s and is well known for his work producing Norah Jones. I don’t think I could be any more excited at this moment;)


Sarah with Giles and Sir George Martin…This was taken at the London Planetarium album launch of Aurora-Cantamus. Meeting and working with George Martin was a dream come true! I’ll never forget our first meeting where we had a nice cup of tea with a fruity cake at Air Studios;-) He is such a great and talented man with a wicked sense of humour. After Aurora, I went on to work with Giles in arranging and producing Hayley Westenra’s Pure album.


Me with my very special sister, Annabelle on the Isle of Wight.

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