2018 Here’s to Love, Health, Prosperity and Happiness

Time seems to travel so fast, another year has passed. In all the craziness of this world and such a bizarre political climate, it seems to me we need to remain centred in the eye of the storm by remembering what really matters in life. Love, kindness, compassion and also nature. Nature is there waiting for us to uplift our very being and infuse our physical mental and emotional anguish with it’s all embracing spirit, pulling us back and asking us to listen to that small still voice of calm. Nature is in the moment, it never strives to be in the past or the future, it simply “is” and we are part of it. So let’s be at peace with all that is, not resisting the flow of life, loving this world with all it’s contradictions and being kind to ourselves and others. After all, it just hurts any other way:-)

May your year be blessed with good health, joy and the fulfilment of all your hopes and dreams.