FOREST OF MIST – Soundtrack for World Land Trust Guanacas Columbia campaign (Composer)

AMERICA’S NATIONAL PARKS – Narrated by Garth Brooks: 10 Part Series (2022/23) Wildstar Films & National Geographic (as Composer, Arranger, Producer with co-composer Barnaby Taylor)

HRH The Prince of Wales SUSTAINABLE MARKETS INITIATIVE 2022- 20 short films for Atomized Studios

OKAVANGO RIVER OF DREAMS – 3 PART SERIES (2019) for Wildlife Films/Terra Mater Factual Studios & Nature PBS Directed by Dereck and Beverly Joubert (Composer, Arranger, Producer)

LION KINGDOM (TV Series 2017) Terra Mater Factual Studios/National Geographic 3X50mins (Composer, Arranger, Producer)

BROTHERS OF THE WIND (Film 2016) Dir: Gerado Oliveres, Warner Bros Films/Terra Mater Films (Composer, Arranger, Producer)

DARTMOOR KILLING  (Film 2015) Dir: Peter Nicholson Winner of 2016 National Film Awards: Best Thriller (Composer, Arranger, Producer)

‘DARTMOOR KILLING’ (Film Promo) (Arri ALEXA CHALLENGE winner film promo), Director: Peter Nicholson (Composer, Arranger, Producer)

‘THE SILENCE’ (2014 short film), Director: Peter Nicholson (Composer, Arranger, Producer)

‘AFRICA’(6 Part TV Series 2013) BBC/US DISCOVERY Co-production:6 x 1 hour, Director: James Honeybourne Emmy Nominated for Outstanding Contribution to Music and Sound, Winner of Gold Spirit Award for Best Original Score, Nomination for International Film Music Critics Award: Breakthrough Film Composer of the year -Best Original Score for a Documentary Feature Film. (Composer, Arranger, Producer)

‘CAUGHT ON CAMERA’ (TV 2012), CHANNEL 4 –Japan’s Tsunami –Director: Peter Nicholson (Composer, Arranger, Producer)

‘WAR OF THE ROSES’ (TV 2011) TIME TEAM SPECIAL (Composer, Arranger, Producer)

BBC ‘MADAGASCAR’ (TV Series 2011) 3 X1hr, Director: Mary Summerill – Emmy nomination for ‘Outstanding Contribution to Music and Sound’ (Composer, Arranger, Producer)

‘HENRY’S PALACES’ (TV Series 2009), CHANNEL 4 Director: Brendan Hughes (Composer, Arranger, Producer)

‘DALLAS DNA’  (8 Part TV Series 2009) US DISCOVERY for Touch Productions (Composer, Arranger, Producer)

BBC ‘THAMES SHIPWRECKS’ (TV Series 2009), Director: Brendan Hughes, Winner of RTS Award – ‘Best Factual Series’ (Composer, Arranger, Producer)

THE MEERKATS,’ (Film 2008) BBC/WEINSTEIN COMPANY PRODUCTION Director: James Honeybourne – Winner of ‘Best Score’ @ Jackson Hole Film Festival (Composer, Arranger, Producer)

‘MYSTERY OF THE WOLF’( Film 2007), Finland. Director: Raimo O Neimi, Winner of London, Children’s Film Festival (also winning awards in Lubeck, Moscow, Cairo and Riga Children’s Film Festivals) (Composer, Arranger, Producer)

‘L’ENEMI INTIME (Film),’ ZEPHER FILMS –Director: Pierre Erwan (Composer, Arranger, Producer)


‘TRIAL & RETRIBUTION’ (TV Drama), Director: Tristram Powell
‘TRIAL & RETRIBUTION’ (TV Drama)’, Director: Edward Hall
‘THE COMMANDER’ (TV Drama), Director: Michael Whyte

(Composer, Arranger, Producer)

‘KINDNESS OF STRANGERS (TV Drama),’ GRANADA TV Director: Tony Smith (Composer, Arranger, Producer)

BBC ‘ANIMAL FORENSICS’ (TV Series) with Sir David Attenborough, nominated for a Television Society Award (original score) (Composer, Arranger, Producer)

BBC ‘BLUE PLANET – DEEP TROUBLE (TV),’ Director: Jo Sarsby, BBC Award Winning Series (Composer, Arranger, Producer)

BBC ‘X’ CREATURES, (6 Part TV Series) Director Peter Nicholson, Award winning series for BBC 1 (Composer, Arranger, Producer)

CHILDREN OF ABRAHAM,’ (TV) CHANNEL 4Director: Mark Dowd (Composer, Arranger, Producer)

‘THE WEEKEND,’ (Film) GRANADA FILMS Director: Brian Skeet/Ian Benson (Composer, Arranger, Producer)

‘IN SEARCH OF EMILY BRONTE,’ Director: Tim Brearly for Sapphire Productions (Composer, Arranger, Producer)

BBC ‘THE DAY I DIED (TV),’ Director: Kate Broome (Composer, Arranger, Producer)

BBC ‘ PEREGRINE – TOP GUN OF THE SKY (TV),’ Director: James Honeybourne (Composer, Arranger, Producer)

CHANNEL 4 ‘ABUSED AND CATHOLIC (TV),’ Director: Mark Dowd (Composer, Arranger, Producer)

BBC ‘BEASTS ON THE STREETS (TV),’ Director: Holly Spearing – Wildlife on One (Composer, Arranger, Producer)

BBC ‘OUTLAWS OF THE OUTBACK (TV),’ Director: Holly Spearing (Composer, Arranger, Producer)

BBC ‘ STATE OF THE PLANET  (TV Series),’ Music featuring Mark Knopfler, Emmy Nominated (Composer, Arranger, Producer)

CHANNEL 4 ‘EQUINOX – TALKING WITH ALIENS (TV),’ Director: Richard Burke-Ward (Composer, Arranger, Producer)

BBC ‘THE SILVER TIDE (TV),’ Director: Ian White (Composer, Arranger, Producer)

BBC ‘ BORN TO BE WILD’  (TV) – Nicholas Lyndhurst, Director: Ben Southall (Composer, Arranger, Producer)

BBC ‘THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH’ (TV) – Sir Richard Attenborough, Director: Rupert Barrington (Composer, Arranger, Producer)

 ‘DOG FIGHT,’ CHANNEL 4 FILMS Director: Peter Nicholson (Composer, Arranger, Producer)

‘SOCA THE EMERALD RIVER (TV),’ ORF AUSTRIA  Director: Klaus Feichtenberger, Winner of 30 film awards (Composer, Arranger, Producer)


SACRED FIRE – Sung by Pretty Yende, Lyrics by Grahame Davies Commissioned by HM The King for the Coronation, 6th May 2023

Naiades of Nymphes – Single and Video Release 2022

Resonate – Album Release, 04/02/2022 (Composer/Artist)

Rhythm of the Earth ~ Terra Carta Theme – Single Release, 2021 (Composer/Artist)
Resonate 2021 Single Release, 04/02/2022 (Composer/Artist)

Natural High – Album Release, 25/09/2020 (Composer/Artist)

Natural High – Single release 2020 Single (Composer/Artist)

Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) – Single Release, 2020 (Arranger/Artist)

Only Love is Real – Single Release, 2018 (Composer/artist)

Lion Kingdom – Soundtrack Release, 20/10/2017(Composer/artist)

I Will Fight – Single Release, 10/03/2017 (Composer/producer/artist)

I Will Fight – Video Release with Sir David Attenborough for World Land Trust, 10/03/2017 (Composer/artist)

Brothers of the Wind – Soundtrack Release, 2017 Warner (Composer/artist)

Unity – Album and Single Release, 01/10/2015 (Composer/artist)

Northern Shore  – Single Release, 15/10/2015 (Producer/composer/artist)

Northern Shore – Video Release, 15/10/2015 (Producer/composer/artist)

Fire and Rain – Video Release, 2014 

A New Dawn – Debut Mini Album Release 2011 (Composer/artist)

‘PURE’HAYLEY WESTENRA -Released 2004, Number 1 album for Decca/Universal Music (as producer with Giles Martin writer and arranger)

‘AURORA’CANTAMUS, Album Release, 02/04/2001, Number 1 album for Warner Classics, nominated for the Classic Brit Awards (composer/arranger/producer)

HONEYRIDERS – Decca Classics and Jazz-UK/France tour (vocalist and keys)

‘TREASURE’HAYLEY WESTENRA – Album Release 19/03/2007, Decca/Universal (writer – 2 tracks)

‘SONGBIRD COLLECTION’HAYLEY WESTENRA – Album Release 2004, Decca/Universal (writer/arranger)


CRAIG OWEN – Roots Music Group (composer)

‘THE LIVING BRIDGE’EIMEAR QUINN   ORF Ireland (pianist in film)

‘PRIDE & PREJUDICE’ – WORKING TITLE  Dir: Joe Wright (on set piano coach)