Californian Sunshine

Just got back from a writing/surfing/chillin’ break in Southern Cali. Weather hot, sea very warm, inspiration was flowing… so 5 new songs on the go. Some inspired by my experiences in Oahu Hawaii and others are coming from a new place – a new time…. things feel like they’re about to change. I love that feeling. Travel always sets out new pathways to creativity, to life, love and the spiritual being. So all good. Encinitas had just the right vibe for relaxing and writing music. One day we wandered into a bead shop and it was hard not to be attracted to the array of colours and beautiful crystals the place had to offer. We ended up chatting to the owner for hours who told us the great George Harrison stood in the very spot I was standing in (deliberating over amber or wooden beads!) to make a necklace for his wife Olivia. Love stories like that. We met so many great people! Lauren, Pablo,Randy, Ellen, Michelle, Jim and Jim – Some of these guys had surfed with my hero Eddie Aikau on big waves on the North Shore and the great Jerry Lopez!


Always on a surfing mecca we stopped in to the best surfing museum ever, The Surfing Heritage Museum. How those guys rode some of those things, I don’t know – I’m pretty sure some were not very successful but the innovation process here is fascinating. Early boards from the early 1900s were made of  knotless red cedar, finless and generally made for prone-riding. I’m sure people tried to stand on them for fun tho – I would have!! There were also 3 boards owned by the famous championship swimmer and surfer “The Duke”! Here’s a great photo of him with his surfing buddies back in the day (at the very back, second from the right):


I liked this board with it’s psychedelic colours!


Anyway, the best thing about this trip was the stunning view from the place we were staying which I’d love to share with you because it’s so inspiring. You could hear the sea all night long and it was like a continuous meditation….beautiful….


Until next time, Sarah x