Natural High Release

Natural High

Finally, I have released this album into the world! It started three years ago when I was inspired to write the lead track Green Man from this year’s EP of the same title. There are ideas within the album which go even further back, and I have always wanted to realise their potential into a full classical album of my own.

So it is here and I’m proud of the work which has gone in to this record. It is a joyful celebration of the magic, majesty and spirit of Nature. I would say all my childhood days spent in Nature are contained here, and through my life the euphoric dialogue of the natural world, which takes over every time I step into it is intrinsically infused into the music of Natural High.

There are many layers to the natural world. Those we perceive with human eyes to be beautiful or awe inspiring, or intrinsically feel we need to protect or even be fearful of, are perhaps only touching the surface of its extraordinary qualities. I believe Nature is also working behind the scenes affecting us on an entirely different plane.

Our relationship with Nature is powerfully symbiotic. Nature nourishes us and it has the ability to move and heal us, to energise and uplift us. It is a living organism with a heart-beat, a soul and molecular memory, just like human life. We need to forge a new and positive relationship with the Natural world that sustains us.
I worked with wonderful friends on this album including singers, Eimear Quinn and Aliki Chrysochou, multi-talented Stevie Blacke and guitarist Jerry Crozier Cole. Also the incredible Leah Zeger, Hans Zimmer’s concert violinist and amazing cellist Christophe Luciani. The orchestra was Sinfonia Nord in Iceland, and it was incredible how we managed to record remotely during the midst of lockdown earlier this year. 
So despite all odds, this album arrived. I’d planned to do this later in the year, but I’m so glad it is here now, and I do hope you will enjoy listening to it.  My intention for the album is that it be a balm to the spirit, and take you somewhere else. A reminder that we don’t need to be confined to the boundaries and darker moments of life we sometimes find ourselves in. We can be free. It is only a feeling, a thought away. Change your feelings and thoughts, and you change your life.
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