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The world has it’s way of balancing the effect of what we call “human progress”. We need to help the earth to sustain us and do our utmost to counter the effects of pollution, over-population, and the demise of our forests.

We have the power to do this and to bring about real change in the world. It is not too late!

I am an Ambassador for The World Land Trust, an international conservation charity who have protected over 500,000 acres of land worldwide. They take direct action to buy land and save rainforest and other wildlife habitats. The World Land trust is also working to save endangered species such as elephants to orang-utans jaguars to amphibians, reptiles insects and plants.

Funds from the sales of CD’s and composing go towards the amazing work the World Land Trust carry out around the world.

Latest project: New conservation charity music video with Sarah’s New single, I Will Fight, for World Land Trust presented by Sir David Attenborough.




Save habitat for Orang-utans in Malaysian Borneo:

Forest habitats in Borneo are being relentlessly felled to make way for sterile oil palm plantations where Orang-utans and Pygmy elephants cannot survive. Parcels of land are being purchased to connect protected forest to ensure that small populations don’t get stranded in forest ‘islands’ where they cannot find enough food or breed.

Latest News for WLT:

World Land Trust

Elephant Corridor Appeal – Climate Change Increases the Urgency of Land Purchase

Big Match Fortnight raised £455,000 for the Elephant Corridor Appeal in Mudahalli India. The Key species there being  the Indian Elephant, Bengal Tiger, Leopard, Sloth Bear and the Asiatic Wild Dog.

Mudahalli Corridor will enable wildlife to travel safely in search of water.

£106,000 still to raise.

Belize Hurricane Appeal

WLT launched an emergency appeal after Programme for Belize (PIB) suffered major damage from Hurricane Earl, the worst Atlantic hurricane to hit Central America for more than ten years.

WLT Action Fund

World Land Trust (WLT) works with partner organisations across the world to support conservation projects in a variety of innovative ways. Donating to the Action Fund is the easiest and most effective way to support the range of WLT’s work, allowing us to respond quickly when urgent conservation intervention is needed.

Donate Now to the Action Fund

Buy an Acre projects: World Land Trust can buy threatened tropical forest and save it for ever. Just £100 an acre in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico.

Please go to http://www.worldlandtrust.org for more detailed info on latest news and how to get involved.


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