Natural High (Digital Download)


The album Natural High, is a joyful & reverential tribute to the powerful magic of Nature. Beyond its physical diversity, a deeply spiritual & ethereal vibration exists. It is this euphoric version of Nature – its heavenly imprint, which fuels the music of Natural High. With musical collaborations from high profile talented artists across the globe, each track aligns with various Nature deities from myths & legends of different cultures.



  1. Natural High (Hymn For Life)
  2. Surya & Vayu (The Sun and the Wind) [feat. Christophe Luciani & Leah Zeger]
  3. Aphrodite and the Garden of Eden (feat. Aliki)
  4. Green Man (Single Edit) [feat. Isaac Waddington]
  5. Wild Hafren (feat. Leah Zeger)
  6. Naiades of Nymphes (feat. Eimear Quinn)
  7. Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)
  8. Migration of Anshar (feat. Isaac Waddington)
  9. Journey of Joseph of Arimathea & the Holy Hawthorn (feat. Sean Pádraig)
  10. Mermaid of Zennor (feat. Isaac Waddington)
  11. Green Man (Extended Version) [feat. Isaac Waddington]