The sun is always there..

The days seem to have been racing past already – it’s mid February and the snowdrops are everywhere in North Cornwall, the daffodil buds a constant positive force in the earth, push through and bring the joyful promise of spring… birds are singing today and the sky is mainly blue.  I have been filming a new video and much time has been spent waiting for the rain to stop and the sun to break through. North east winds sting the eyes and make the sea a bubbling mass of heaving energy, with extra high tides changing our shores and washing away things it shouldn’t. We are half way through the film, still needing a proper sunny day to fit the last piece of the puzzle together.

Through raging winds and lashing rain, I picked up my new surf board at Aggie Surf Shop (pictures to come) from Markey Lascelles made by his dad Chops and it looks beautiful. The dragonfly graphic designed by Ben Rogers is proudly sitting on the front of the board. Shame it’s going to be covered in wax!! Wanted to take it out in Bude on the weekend, but the waves were unrelenting and the chilly wind without sun didn’t feel as compelling as a bikini day in Hawaii (I fear I’m spoilt for life!!). But I shall get back in that wetsuit soon!

I’m excited also to be nominated for 2 categories in the IFMCA – the International Film Music Critics Awards –

Other intriguing things are happening behind the scenes, a new feature film in the summer and, at the moment I’m working on a new song with producer Tom Wilding and it’s already gone through many incarnations;)) The creative process never ends…… lots more to come!