What’s New in 2020

It’s been a racing start to 2020. In the works are very diverse creative projects spanning across different genres and art forms. Currently working on a new music video with the inspirational Irish singer and composer Eimear Quinn. The song is called Hibernia and will be released this year. As well as being a great friend, Eimear and I have worked together on a few projects and have great musical synergy. Very excited to be working together again;-))

Okavango River of Dreams the 90 minute film version  just premiered at the Sundance Film Festival to great acclaim last Sunday, and was so moving, that many people had tears in their eyes! I wish I could have been there in person, but myself and the team back in South Africa, Austria UK, and US, were there in spirit all very excited at the reaction. 

I’m all set to release my new single, video and EP this spring (watch this space!) and also have some projects in the works to raise awareness of climate change (sadly, it still needs raising!) and the World Land Trust’s incredible work across the planet saving habitats and wildlife. 

In amongst these ambitious ventures, films, TV and a book project all stimulate the creative spirit. A studio overhaul is also due this month, so ‘not’ busy at all!;-)  But always time to fit in a soya latte! 

May 2020 be a successful happy and healthy new year for us all.