While it’s raining….

Hey there! Well, weather has turned a bit today and what better thing to do but stay in and get creative;) I’ve just finished writing a brand new song and will be recording it with producer/engineer Jonas Wrestling this week. Very much looking forward to how it may turn out – many things start in one form and end up with a completely new identity! Actually – this one could go any way – guess that’s what makes it so exciting;) I’ll keep you posted on progress.. This year has been a year of musical gestation and back in the studio concentrating on new and even old material. I’ve had some inspirational weekend breaks in stunning locations around Devon and Cornwall and the Isle of Wight, and have taken some great photographs on my new retro;) camera. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere’s a shot for you, actually this was taken in South Carolina on a mini tour around the States last year.. This lil critter looks like he’s been in a big ol fight or two;)